It's cartoon time!

Für unseren Kunden Bouygues Energies & Services durften wir einen Cartoon erstellen. Der Zeichner Patrick ist selber Bouygues Mitarbeiter. Die Aufnahmen wurden in 4K mit der neuen Sony FS5 II gedreht. Der einminütige Film dient der internen Kommunikation. Leider dürfen wir ihn deshalb nicht veröffentlichen. Es wird aber bestimmt nicht unsere letzte kreative Zusammenarbeit mit dem Illustrator sein.

In 360° durchs Schuhparadies!

Eine Kamerafahrt über 100 Meter Distanz, auf Augenhöhe und ohne Schnitt - für einen erfahrenen Kameramann in den Regel kein Problem. Doch was, wenn es keinen Kameramann hinter der Kamera gibt?

Jelmoli gab uns den Auftrag, ihre neue Schuhwelt an der Bahnhofstrasse in 360° zu zeigen. Die Schwierigkeit: weil der Betrachter bei einem 360°-Video in alle Richtungen blicken kann, darf die Crew nicht im Blickfeld zu sehen sein und muss sich deshalb samt Kameramann irgendwo "vor der Kamera verstecken". Um die Kamera trotzdem bewegen zu können, mussten wir tief in die Innovations- und Trickkiste greifen.

Die Lösung war zwar ein Kindersppielzeug, aber alles andere als kinderleicht: Auf einem ferngesteuerten Auto befestigten wir eine Platte, auf die wir ein einbeiniges Stativ schraubten. Doch welche Kamera eignet sich am besten? Leicht und kompakt musste sie sein, aber trotzdem mit überzeugender Bildqualität. Keine einfache Aufgabe. Nach verschiedenen Tests entschieden wir uns schlussendlich für die Nikon KeyMission 360 Action Camera. Die Kamera lieferte auch bei wechselnden Lichtverhältnisse erstaunlich gute Resultate. Wer im Video genau hinschaut, kann sogar die Kamera samt Konstruktion entdecken. Viel Spass beim Suchen!

We love our outdoor office!

For Red Bull we produced a documentary in the Valais region about the orienteering
world champion Judith Wyder. Already when filming we were impressed, how fast the
athlete raced through the breathtaking nature. Our film shows impressive images,
refined postproduction effects and a entertaining and informative storytelling. During
the Red Bull Alpitude event the 12min-movie will be shown on Red Bull TV

360° Red Bull OL-Game

A wood plenty of camera operators. We went together with the guys form to Bern for a Red Bull Production. Result will be a 360°-orienteering-game. The viewers will go into the position of an orientation runner and have to find every  item as soon as possible. The technical construction required head for heights. But as you can see in the making of pictures, the fun factor was guaranteed.

NIKON KeyMission 360°

Brandnew and not yet available on market: The KeyMission 360 Virtual Reality Camera. It's the first actioncam, which is able to record all around videos. Nikon has sent the camera to us in advance for some tests. We are convinced about the user-friendliness and the picture quality. In the next days we test the KeyMission 360 on a remote-controlled vehicle.

Test for 360°-film successfully completed!

We are looking forward to a game-changing production for our client Red Bull: You have to find as much stations as you can in a virtual orientieering located in a forest. With our partner Stephan Rohn we mounted 5 Gopros onto a special rig on a cablecam. And the construction worked! The studio 468 in Seebach was our test area. The 360°-Film will be realised together with Judith Wyder in spring 2017.

Bernhard Russi - Von hohen Gipfeln und dunklen Tälern

This film shows a documentation over the probably most famous Swiss skilegend. This film from Michael Bühler shows the key moments in Bernhard Russi's impressive career, his involvement in bulding the ski trail for the olympia games 2018 in Korea. Further we accompanied him while he was climbing and spent time with his family. Bernhard Russi talks openly as never bevore over the highs and lows in his life.

Our camera operator Diego Defilla was part of this exciting production.

Showreel Halsundbeinbruch Film

Yeah our showreel is finished! We proudly present you a best of our work at Halsundbeinbruch Film. We say thanks for all those exciting, funny, educational, adventurous, challenging and various orders, that we could realise with our passion for the moved picture inbetween 12 years. We are already looking forward to many more Highlights in the future. And now: Action!

Universitätsspital Zürich - E-Learning

The University Hospital Zürich keeps for it’s doctors an innovative learning platform. In close collaboration with the USZ we produced the video content on the issue of Advance Care Planning. Doctors and future consultans in care, pastoral care and social work navigate online through the different topics and train themselves. Afterwards the doctors apply their knowledge online in a interactive consultation with a patient. The platform is used for internal and external learning purposes and was created and programmed by the expert for new media.

IKEA Democratic Design Days 2016

IKEA organised the international Democratic Design Days 2016 in Zurich Switzerland. During two days one question was central: What influence does design have on the allday life of society? We followed the inspiring event in and around the art museum of Zurich. The result: Different event recaps in many language versions, which IKEA uses for internal education of their co-workers worldwide. Here the general webclip.

USZ recruiting film for youngsters

Zurich‘s University Hospital (USZ) has an official education mandate. So every year they widely search for new apprentices. The clip should be unconventional, fresh and young. Halsundbeinbruch Film developed and produced a short movie together with the USZ. We enjoyed the creative collaboration with our client and wish them many motivated offsprings!

FIFA F2 Clip

In february 2016 the FIFA World Football Museum turned into an extraordinary playground for two british athletes. Result was an action-clip about a very different kind of museum visit. We, the agency Rufener and our client were very glad about the 616‘589 views.


We are looking forwad to more likes, comments and views!

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