Nikon partnership

We belong to the first in Switzerland who purchased a ‚Mōvi‘ and already can handle it! It’s a high tech stabilisation gimbal, which could revolutionize the production world: Circuitous rails, jib-arms, steadycams and cranes can largely be replaced. Never seen camera moves become reality. We are very happy, that Nikon Switzerland is our new technics partner. From now on our Mōvi M10 is equipped with a NikonD800 and the very best lenses!

Transhimalaya as a borderline experience!

The Winter Challenge series 2014 now begin on SRF2. We contributed an exclusive story: Two friends try to cross the Himalayas on bike, by foot and ski. It turns into an adventure which they’ll never forget... The program will first be published online on, before it traditionally runs on TV two days later. New at 10:45 pm.

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