SRF Hoch Hinaus

In spring 2014 we started the production of the Swiss Television (SRF) series ‚Hoch Hinaus‘ (aiming high). Within the next 3 years exceptional Swiss mountaneer talents learn how to plan and survive an expedition. We just filmed in Chamonix and in the Valais in iciness and over 3‘000 meters of altitude. The first episodes will run after christmas 2014. This reality-factual series is realized in close cooperation with SRF journalist Sara Leuthold.

Porsche Life-Intensified Tour

Our client, the agency Compresso let us drive through Switzerland with the new Porsche Macan. Participants could win one of 12 exciting days aside of a VIP and maybe even win one of these cars. We enjoyed to accelerate this project with our office neighbours Dominik and Raphi. The result is an emotional review clip on the Macan Tour.

Official Suva screen design

Video communication is becoming more and more important for Suva, Switzerlands largest accident insurance. If it’s advertising, educational- and information movies or internal communication - no other company has a better fitting name meaning then ours! Therefore we were lucky to get advisory agency competences and following we  implemented the complete new screendesign for all Suva video products. Here’s a asbestos information movie, packed into our new screendesign. Click here.

Soon we’ll reach a million!

2011 we produced a news feed for german TV RTL about a downhill race. Later our cutter Dino Hächler edited a webclip. Our client was eyeSprint Communication in Munich. The clip first enjoyed humble 10‘000 clicks on youtube. Then a few months ago the 2minute filme gained speed and soon it will have reached a million viewers! We thank you for your support: See it here.

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