Sports Awards in a new design

Since 2003 we produce the portraits for the award winners of Zürich‘s Sports Awards, sponsored by Migros (GMZ). After many years it was at the time to renovate the moving graphics of the clips and for the event. Yannik Leibacher created a completely new animated design and Christian Riesen made a soundtrack out of real sports sounds. Here’s the jingle which is played during the event.

Halsundbeinbruch Film designs FS7 arm

Only a few Swiss are lucky to own one of the desired Sony FS7 cameras. Since early 2015 we are collecting experiences with 2 of these high-performance machines which are our own. Besides some software deficits we are unhappy with the position of the handle. And because no third party provides a solution, we and metal constructor Michi Krauer have become hardware designers! Very soon a prototype will be tested outdoors…

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