Bernhard Russi - Von hohen Gipfeln und dunklen Tälern

This film shows a documentation over the probably most famous Swiss skilegend. This film from Michael Bühler shows the key moments in Bernhard Russi's impressive career, his involvement in bulding the ski trail for the olympia games 2018 in Korea. Further we accompanied him while he was climbing and spent time with his family. Bernhard Russi talks openly as never bevore over the highs and lows in his life.

Our camera operator Diego Defilla was part of this exciting production.

Showreel Halsundbeinbruch Film

Yeah our showreel is finished! We proudly present you a best of our work at Halsundbeinbruch Film. We say thanks for all those exciting, funny, educational, adventurous, challenging and various orders, that we could realise with our passion for the moved picture inbetween 12 years. We are already looking forward to many more Highlights in the future. And now: Action!

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