Red Bull Alpenbrevet 2016

Glorious moped riders, on September 3rd 2016 the Red Bull Alpenbrevet Vol. 7 will take place in Lugano! Last year many thousand roaring and smoking mopeds disquieted the subtropical Ticino. Halsundbeinbruch Film produced an especially different Trailer. Watch it and ride!


Expeditionteam on their way home!

Our cameraman Diego Defilla and the partners Mario Hari and Thomi Senf were in China filming for Swiss national TV. They accompanied the Swiss Alpine Club‘s expedition team on their final adventure after 4 years of training. The 5 young mountaineers with their guide Denis Burdet accomplished two first ascents and reached the 6‘520m high Xuelian Feng. To be seen in 8 episodes, this winter on SRF2.

Samsung 360° VR@ Bikedays

As the first Swiss production company Samsung gave us their 360° virtual reality camera for testing. The small white ball with two lenses will soon bring excitement into the comsumer market. The realistic surround view is stunning, but only if you watch the movie on your mobile device in the YouTube-App and move your phone around (It will not work in your web browser!). Here an extreme example in a minidrome:

Shit happens…

It’s not easy to film with animals. The female donkey called Trixli proved this filmers experience. After less than two minutes in the studio the donkey pooped on the perfectly white ground. If we could still finish our EKZ Cup Rookie TV-Spot you will see in about two weeks.

Diego Defilla goes vertical

The production company  Snakefilm realises the thrilling crime series ‚Der Bestatter‘ for national TV SRF. They asked us for a special camera work on a high bridge. The dramatic scenes, which vertical DOP Diego Defilla filmed, you can watch in the newest edition on 19.1.16 at 20:05pm on SRF1.

Or online

By chance Simone Schmid was the editor oft the story. 12 years ago she wrote the script to our Costa-Rica documentary ‚Mountains in the Mist‘.

Halsundbeinbruch Film aims high

Also in 2015 we could contribute our camera and editorial expertise to the SRF Alpine-Production Hoch Hinaus. Together with the ‚SAC-Expeditionsteam‘ and mountain guide Denis Burdet we experienced some tough production adventures. Far away from ice avalanches and thin air our client SRF did the editing, off voice and sound design.

The screening dates of the 4 stories:

Part 1 „Qual der Wahl“: 28.12.2015 - 19.00

Part 2 „Gefährliche Gletscherspalten“: 28.12.2015 - 19.30

Part 3 „Rettung am Berg“: 30. 12. 2015 – 19.00

Part 4 „Dünne Luft“: 30.12.2015 – 19.30

More on

ASVZ Screendesign

With 73000 clients and approximately 120 different sports facilities, the academic sports association Zurich ASVZ is Switzerlands biggest university sports association. All the more we were excited about the request to develop their screendesign and to add a moving images component to the existing corporate design. From the video tutorial shot by students to the more sophisticated event clips: from now on, all the moving images from the ASVZ will have a uniform appearance.


Remember 2005? The world was different and so was the small world of mountain biking. We captured a six-day bike adventure with some of the first HD cameras. Youtube and internet streaming lay in the future. In editing soft transitions were cool. Distributing meant selling DVDs and sending beta tapes to TV stations and film festivals. We were more than surprised about where we had to send our footage to. The movie ended up being televised to more than 21 million tv sets around the globe. A number which even impresses YouTubers. Read and see more in the Allegra blog:

Our 200th client!

We are exited to announce the thriathlon athlete Jolanda Annen as our 200th client! In 12 years of company history we produced more than 1‘100 individual films. For the Swiss sports talent we are now producing a sponsoring clip. We will offer her our work for free and wish her lots of success on her way to the Olympics! By the way: our very first official client was Indiana Skateboards in 2003.

Challenging alpine production

Congratulations Julian Zanker: he climbed the Scheidegg-Wetterhorn, 3‘361m. Then followed the longed for jump off the peak with his wingsuit. But not only Julians ambitions, also our production conditions were extreme: 34 rope lenghts. 800 vertical meters. A night in the biwak. Camerawork at 200 hm/h. With our strongest employees, the camera partners Thomas Senf and Uli Emanuele and 2 mountain guides we realized stunning images which will be screened 2016 on SRFzwei. Here’s the trailer.

TORTOUR Cyclocross Trailer

After a successful test event last winter now here it comes: The first official TORTOUR Cyclocross will take place from february 12. until 14. 2016 in the region of Schaffhausen. The weather couldn’t have been nastier – but it showed to be the perfect setting for a dramatic trailer.

Perskindol Swiss Epic

The great Swiss Epic event- and TV-production was successful. Watch the event clip on YouTubeAnd you can already inscribe for next years event. Here’s our Trailer for the 3rd edition. We can definitely recommend a participation!

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