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Halsundbeinbruch Film is a colorful bunch of passionate filmmakers. We are concept developers, journalists, writers, directors, technicians, editors, VFX artists, prankers and ideaconverters – united under one roof of holy creativity. Each fiercely individual with specialized skills, we are all complementing one another with an eye for artistic detail, while keeping the other on the big picture. Together with our in-house partners, we tackle any job – with creativity, innovation and lots of merriment.

Alec Wohlgroth

As managing director and pure-blood mountain biker, Alec constantly jumps around with maximum agility. Skilfully hopping back and forth between countless multitasks, he applies the brakes if truly necessary… but mostly he’ll leap ahead at breakneck speed!

Hans Wohlgroth

Thanks to Hans' many years of experience as Head of HR, the pendulum never swings back to hit us in the rear! When the hobby gardener is not swinging a shovel, he artfully juggles numbers in the office and turns Excel and online banking into his artistic canvas.

Matthias Lüscher

Fortunately, Matthias takes his projects more seriously than himself. We appreciate his professional work as a video journalist as well as his company at the lunch table. Where this marathon man hides his Duracell battery is anyone’s guess.

Andrea Brun

Andrea proves her quick-wittedness not only on the squash court. As long-standing project manager, experienced editor and VJ, Andrea always has the right strokes in her repertoire to give each story the needed drive & spin.

Nikk Schlumpf

Mirror, mirror on the wall...who will lend artistic haul? As our partner for directing, editing and VFX, Nikk never ceases to amaze. With 20 years of experience in the New York commercial industry, our valued office neighbor will not lose face.

Luca Wieland

Regardless from whence the wind blows, nothing will rattle Luca. As an experienced project manager, editor and cameraman, Luca rounds the necessary turns to smoothly ride the waves of any project to certain success.

Christian Bisang

Whether at the stove or on the mixing board - Christian always surprises with his innovative approach to perfection. As our partner for dubbing, mixing and voice-over recording, the ex-Subzonic musician should have long since earned a couple of Guide Michelin points!

Manu Berger

In contrast to the football in his hands, Manu almost never deflates. As project manager and creative all-rounder, he pulls the strings from the center and always surprises with one or the other through pass.

Sina Lou Ravasio

And... action! With Sina Lou, almost every take hits the bullseye. We have come to appreciate the project manager, photographer and creative all-rounder within a very short time. And what’s more: Alec finally has someone to share his patriotism for Zurich. It's a wrap!

Diego Defilla

As lead cameraman, nothing escapes Diego's hawk-eye. In his role as editor, the passionate outdoor sportsman shines with insight. Always on the lookout for innovation, he has the foresight to recognize technical trends before they become customary. In short: Diego is a man with perspective!

Mario Hari

Mario’s got the hang of it! Whether high up on Chinese mountain ranges or in the desert of Iran, we can always rely on the professional camera work of the Bernese Oberländer. If required, he’ll appear sporting a dress shirt; but preferably he cloaks in full outdoor gear!

Tania Vieira

When we finally put up our legs in the evening, Tania makes sure to make us feel comfortable again at work the next day. We are utterly defenseless against Mimi's big sweet dog eyes. And mopping the floor is not one of our core strengths. That's why we’d like to say: "Thank you Tania"!

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